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Live scan is the latest technology to get the fingerprints of a person in a very short time. Previously paper and ink were used to take a fingerprint which was a lengthy process and often did not produce accurate results. But now with the invention of this technique more accurate and precise fingerprinting can be done. Live scan is usually used to keep the criminal records and to find out the offenders but recently many companies have made it mandatory for employment especially if you want to work with children or older people. There are many live scan locations El Cajon which provide their services. But a wise idea is to choose that location which is authorized by the legal department.

Live scan technicians

A lot of offices and agencies supply their services for live scan and fingerprinting but it is not necessary that they all are authorized. So you should always check for the certified offices which can provide services for you. There are lists available online which will tell you about the live scan locations El Cajon. A1 Live Scan is one of those local offices which is approved by the DOJ and it can be trusted for its services. Some legal agencies also provide fingerprinting services but they are not very fast so only operators specialized in live scan can deal you in best way.

Get best fingerprinting session

There are some key tips which will help you to make your fingerprinting session flawless.

  • Bring ID card: Before you are going for fingerprinting make sure that you have your ID card with a photograph on it. Some agencies may ask you for two copies of the ID card.

  • Wash hands: Rinse your hands with clean water but do not use hand wash, soap or lotion before fingerprinting as it can spoil the quality of your fingerprints.

  • Rely on the professional: Do not try to move your hands by yourself. Trained staff will move your hands for the accurate fingerprinting.

  • Clean up: After the successful fingerprinting you will be given a solution to clean your hands but remember to not touch your fingerprinting card as it can spoil the prints.

Live scan is an important procedure and it gives your personal information in other`s hands so always go for trusted and certified professionals for fingerprinting.

San Diego Livescan Locations
A1 Livescan and Notary San Diego Livescan Locations
1530 Jamacha Road Suite Z
El Cajon CA 92019 US

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  • William H –
  • They were very nice, professional and personable. I really like the appointment system also; worked like a charm. Walked in and was in and out just about as quickly as one could want. I would use them again, no question!

    Henry S –
  • I called in to see if there was a waiting time. Nicole, got me in immediately as I was in a hurry. She was very kind, professional and a joy to work with. She took care of my fingerprinting needs quickly so I could get to my next appointment on time. Great location, great staff!

    Diane L –