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Fingerprints are important means of identification and sometimes necessary in getting employment, it may be required. Other times in some States, it may be necessary for licensing, for example in the state of California. Whatever the need for fingerprints you should get reliable fingerprinting El Cajon service from a trusted provider.

Fingerprinting El Cajon, will guide you on how our services work. It is one of the most reliable and satisfactory proof services you can get around. If you understand that our business nature is such that excels with community and customer reputation, then you will agree that we have what it takes to provide you exceptional service. Our relationship with different organizations accompanied with more than 25 years of  professional experience of  our technicians give us an edge in delivering reliable, fast, accurate, secure and affordable fingerprint service.

We have a procedure to assist you when you come to any of our convenient locations found in any of Escondido, Mission Valley or Carlsbad. However for your convenience you may obtain a request form or create one time client account which will be used to further assist you.

Our mobile LiveScan channel is our outreach avenue in which we attend to at least ten group persons and this service is available in all over Southern California. You can request for this customized service for your organization or group.

We’re the leader in the use of the latest LiveScan technology that sends your fingerprints to the desired agency or organization. You do not need to set up meetings or appointments or answer long questions before your get the satisfactory results that you deserve.

It is not all fingerprinting services that are carried out by personnel, qualified by law or certified rollers; this is essential in becoming certified by the DOJ to submit to the Federal and State. This information is useful to ensure that you get fingerprint service from a qualified roller. You can achieve this by looking out for the Certificate that is given by the FRCP-Fingerprint Rolling Certification Program-an attestation to the fact that the roller has been certified to do business. This will help you to become aware when getting fingerprints.

Fingerprinting service can often be taken as an easy task in which there are many providers. Some may even provide you LiveScan but it is essentially your duty to ensure that you are not dealing with a non certified roller which may eventually earn you security issues, or poor prints quality. San Diego Fingerprinting
A1 Livescan and Notary San Diego Fingerprinting
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  • William H –
  • They were very nice, professional and personable. I really like the appointment system also; worked like a charm. Walked in and was in and out just about as quickly as one could want. I would use them again, no question!

    Henry S –
  • I called in to see if there was a waiting time. Nicole, got me in immediately as I was in a hurry. She was very kind, professional and a joy to work with. She took care of my fingerprinting needs quickly so I could get to my next appointment on time. Great location, great staff!

    Diane L –