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The Most Crucial Questions For A San Antonio Criminal Attorney

Getting charged with a criminal offense is a challenging scenario for anyone. That's why we need the assistance of a San Antonio criminal attorney. These attorneys provide us with the best possible chance of receiving an outcome that we can be satisfied with. Serving as our own legal representative is also not wise.

In order to find the best San Antonio criminal attorney for our needs, we must ask the right questions. Those who are in the process of locating a San Antonio criminal attorney with the ability to assist them with their case should definitely take the time to read on and learn more.

1) What Steps Do We Need To Take?

In many cases, there are certain steps that can be taken that will allow us to lessen our chances of receiving a lengthy prison sentence. Defendants often place themselves in a difficult position in an unwitting manner and the best criminal attorneys know how to keep us from these predicaments. If there are any classes or programs that we can enroll in that will assist us, a top notch attorney knows how to find them.

2) What's The Preliminary Evaluation?

No attorney has a crystal ball that allows them to predict the outcome of our case ahead of time. What they can do is offer a preliminary evaluation that provides us with a small idea of what to expect. From there, a defense strategy is planned and the attorney's job is to explain all of the pros and cons that are associated with the strategy.

3) Is a Plea Bargain Feasible?

Most clients are unaware of the fact that the average case does not go to trial and this is exactly what the prosecution wants us to think. However, there is no real benefit to be had by taking a client to trial and a plea bargain can be obtained in the majority of instances. Having a San Antonio criminal attorney by our side during the negotiation period is what allows us to receive the deal we deserve.

4) What Are The Costs?

This may seem like the type of question that can wait until a later date. However, finding out as much as possible about the costs associated with our case is something that should be done as early as possible. The costs will rise and fall depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. An attorney that has to spend a significant amount of time handling research and investigation is always going to charge more than an attorney who does not have to do the same amount of work.

5) Are There Any Alternative Sentencing Options?

If the case looks as if it will end a certain way, the attorney can work on our behalf and explore our alternative sentencing options. House arrest and electronic surveillance are considered in these scenarios. Some clients may prefer a short jail stint to a hefty fine. Creative probationary terms that allow the client to resume their daily duties without incident can also be discussed.


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