A-1 Livescan

Livescan Fingerprinting San Diego

Livescan Fingerprinting San Diego

Find out how the LiveScan Fingerprinting San Diego service provider records and delivers the data to the agency where you need it delivered. LiveScan is a digital work which is saved in a computer for further use.

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  • They were very nice, professional and personable. I really like the appointment system also; worked like a charm. Walked in and was in and out just about as quickly as one could want. I would use them again, no question!

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  • I called in to see if there was a waiting time. Nicole, got me in immediately as I was in a hurry. She was very kind, professional and a joy to work with. She took care of my fingerprinting needs quickly so I could get to my next appointment on time. Great location, great staff!

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