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family attorney Orlando

Article provided by: West Family Law Group

family attorney Orlando

Do you have a pending family law case or have one coming up? You will need an exceptional family attorney in Orlando to help you go through the process successfully and get the best outcome possible. This is exactly what you get with West Family Law Group.

Get the best possible solution for your unique family law case

Family matters are very sensitive in nature. When there is a family law case, it affects everyone involved: tension is high, everyone is emotionally charged and heated, etc. It is at this time you need a listening ear, support, and someone who will be in your corner throughout the whole process and walk with you every step of the way.

Do not make any rash decisions when the case is just starting because any decision you make now may significantly affect the outcome later on. I have a vast experience when it comes to family law matters. Want to settle your unique family law case in the most amicable manner possible? I have helped countless families in my 25 years of practice to solve their family law disputes. I will come in, assess the situation carefully, and give you the best possible options to settle your case.

When you should consider hiring a family attorney

We all wish we could amicably settle family law cases with the least amount of fall out experienced. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. More often than not, it never goes how you want it to. And that’s when you will need me to help you go through the process smoothly, ensuring the outcome meets your needs and wants.

When do you need me? When the other party has a lawyer, you and the other party can’t have an amicable conversation nor agree with each other, the dispute involves minors, and you and the other party cannot agree on how to split parenting. Another situation when having a lawyer in your corner is crucial includes when your particular case is unique or complex. This includes new law sharing properties and assets with the other party, which then leads to disputes.

How does a family attorney in Orlando help you?

A family attorney can help you in very many different circumstances. I can help you:

  • Come up with the best outcome forward for you and your children during a divorce
  • Come up with the best possible divorce settlement through mediation
  • Negotiate fair spousal support, i.e. alimony
  • Reach a fair child support agreement with the other party
  • Enforce additional obligations after the conclusion of the divorce case
  • Come up with the best parenting plan, one that works for you, the other party and your children
  • Draft marital and cohabitation agreements that will guide your futures together
  • Establish the rights you have as the father or mother of the children born in the union
  • Modify your current plans to fit life’s adjustments

For the best family attorney in Orlando, get in touch with West Family Law Group today!

family attorney Orlando
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family attorney Orlando
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  • I called in to see if there was a waiting time. Nicole, got me in immediately as I was in a hurry. She was very kind, professional and a joy to work with. She took care of my fingerprinting needs quickly so I could get to my next appointment on time. Great location, great staff!

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  • They were very nice, professional and personable. I really like the appointment system also; worked like a charm. Walked in and was in and out just about as quickly as one could want. I would use them again, no question!

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