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divorce lawyer Orlando FL

Article provided by: West Family Law Group
divorce lawyer Orlando FL

West Family Law Group is a top-rated attorney firm that handles matters relating to family law. Richard West is a board-certified specialist in marital and family law and the best divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL.   

How much time does it take to get a divorce?

On average, from filing the petition to getting a final court verdict, the whole process can take anywhere from 10 - 12 months. If your case goes to trial for any issues, the case can take up to 2 years to resolve. A divorce case can resolve within 9 - 10 months if you have a divorce attorney to help you and your partner settle on issues.

The more the issues in a divorce case, the longer the time it takes to resolve. Typical issues in a divorce case include child custody, alimony, child support, division of assets, etc. Our divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL, is an expert in settling divorce cases without allowing it to drag for months.

Cost of a divorce attorney

The fee charged by your attorney can vary depending upon where you live, the experience of the attorney, issues in a divorce case, etc. On average, divorce attorneys charge anywhere from $200 - $300 per hour. Hiring an attorney to support you throughout your divorce can help you in a multitude of ways.

An attorney can offer two kinds of support in a divorce settlement. A lawyer can provide full representation and take care of every aspect of your divorce case or offer partial representation and stick to matters involving alimony, matters of child custody, etc. In certain cases, you may also choose to meet with a divorce attorney merely for divorce-related legal advice or document preparation purposes.

Reasons to Consider a Prenup 

Prenups are legal agreements between a couple who are about to get married. It is drafted to protect the assets of one of the two or both the people that are about to enter a marriage. Here are some of the reasons as to why you must consider a prenup:

  • If you have children from a previous marriage, a prenup agreement ensures that your kids are guaranteed a certain share of wealth even after your death. In the absence of a prenup, there is a chance that your surviving spouse can claim a large portion of your wealth, leaving your children with nothing.
  • It is always an excellent idea to set things straight about each other's financial rights and responsibilities before entering a marriage, whether or not you have children from previous marriages.
  • In the event of your marriage ending in a divorce, you can save a lot of arguments on property division and alimony matters when you have a prenup in place.

Besides, It is also a smart way to protect yourself from your spouse's debts and other issues. Contact West Family Law Group for help with the resolution of your marital and family law matters. Our divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL, can help you file for divorce, assist you in negotiating alimony, child support, etc.

divorce lawyer Orlando FL
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divorce lawyer Orlando FL
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